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Personal Protection Dogs



Trikos Personal Protection Dogs are selected by Mike Ritland and procured across the world.


Mike has sourced tier 1 dogs used in anti-terrorist operations, held contracts to provide K9s to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Customs & Border Protection, and various law enforcement agencies. Trust Trikos International to deliver an ever-vigilant protector to you and your family.

The rigorous and relentless training that Mike experienced as a US Navy SEAL, training meant for 100% mission success in the most dangerous environments on earth, forges your Trikos Dog.

FBI statistics state that 95% of all criminals will avoid a house or car with a dog in it. Trikos dogs are tasked for the other 5%.

Your dog will support your specific needs and protect your family at home, in public, or during travel. Trikos Dogs do not leave until he/she can perform the job and ready to integrate into your home. 


Mike Ritland takes pride in providing protection dog companions for those who need that extra level of security, but won’t settle for anything but the very best.

The need for personal protection K9s has never been higher. Except for tomorrow, tomorrow they will be higher. Trikos Personal Protection Dogs begin at $120,000.

For more information, please use the button below to send an email to our team with your contact information: Full Name, Phone Number, & Email Address.


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