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Mike Ritland Co. Coffee Mug - Matte Gray - 16oz

Mike Ritland Co. Coffee Mug - Matte Gray - 16oz

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"At the end of the day, work harder than they do."

- Mike Ritland

Pour a cup of coffee or any other warm beverage into a Mike Ritland Mug. Start your day right.

Mike Ritland Co. Coffee Mug - Matte Gray - 16oz

  • 16 oz Stoneware
  • Matte gray out/ glossy black in
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Microwave safe

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Coffee mug

Excellent quality mug

KD Mathews
The Only Mug Allowed In Valhalla

My experience with this mug is unlike any other. From the first moment the mug touched my lips I felt its power. My mustache grew a half in inch in less than an hour from my first sip. I noticed my grip strength improved dramatically from simply holding the mug with half a cup of coffee in it.

As far as what it did to my coffee, I'm at a loss for a scientific explanation. All I know is I drink the same mediocre brand of coffee yet the first cup I drank from this mug was different than any previous cups. As I drank it I felt my soul gain a power unlike anything words can describe. I heard echoes of the armies of Valhalla in my thoughts throughout the morning. During my morning walk in the woods, I encountered a mother grizzly bear with 2 cubs. Typically this would have resulted in my immediate and gruesome demise yet with coffee still on my breath, I stood in awe as she did the unthinkable. Right before me she turned around, ignored her cubs, and did what appeared to be what the kids these days call "twerking". If I didn't know any better id say this bear was flirting with me. Of course, I didn't find it appealing as she ignored her cubs the entire time, not very respectable behavior of a mother of any species, although now, after contemplating the power of this mug, I understand.

She simply couldn't resist the power and awe bestowed upon me by this one-of-a-kind coffee mug.

I can't even repeat what happened after my second cup, you'll have to grab one for yourself and experience it on your own.

Best Coffee Cup I have ever had!

This cup is the perfect size, the perfect weight, I just love it. The feel of it, really everything about it makes it the perfect cup. Keep bringing us the awesome products!! Never been disappointed with anything I have purchased.

Mike L

This mug is the exact size and shape I have been looking for. Great color and logo as well.

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