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    Team Dog


  • 75/25 Meal Plan

    Team Dog features comprehensive and customizable meal plans with dry and raw food options to meet your dog’s unique nutritional needs, including digestive sensitivities, allergies, or selective eating. Combining 75% dry food with 25% raw food delivers robust, nutrient-dense meals for your dog.

  • Science-Backed Recipes

    Based on the latest science surrounding canine nutrition, our unique recipes are rooted in research to provide maximized health benefits, including improved gut health, increased energy, and a healthier skin and coat.

  • Born from the Battlefield

    Veteran-owned by a former Navy SEAL and Multi-Purpose K9 Trainer, Team Dog offers premium dog food, treats, and impactful canine supplements forged from rigorous standards and real-world expertise.

Dry Food


Enjoy a complete and balanced all-life-stage formula suitable for all breeds and sizes. With 26% protein and 20% fat content, your dog can eat less while you clean up less. Perfect for:

  • Puppies
  • Sedentary to active adult dogs
  • Pregnant/nursing females
  • Senior dogs
Team Dog 75/25

Maximize your dog's dietary benefits by adding 25% raw

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Which Team Dog food recipe is best for my dog?

The Team Dog Meal Planner will answer this question for you. The Essential and Elite diets solve common problems most dogs face today. Now, there is an option to boost health benefits with 25% raw feeding. It is easy to feed raw “rawng”, but our recipe wizard will allow you to have the best of both worlds without the deficiencies.

What’s the difference between the four Team Dog recipes?
  • Team Dog Essential is for every dog. This formula is more nutrient-dense than the average commercial brand, allowing your dog to feed less while you clean up less. The main difference between Essential and Elite is the protein, fat, and calorie content. Team Dog recommends switching to Elite if your (adult) dog requires more than 4 cups of Essential blend per day.
  • Team Dog Elite is for highly active dogs requiring more than 4 cups of Essential per day. This performance blend will enable your dog to eat even less, redirecting energy and focus to the task, not digestion.
  • Team Dog Primal will enhance your dog’s already balanced diet without breaking the bank or committing to a difficult-to-maintain 100% raw diet. You can add or subtract Team Dog Primal without affecting your dog’s energy level, weight, or overall health.
  • Team Dog Prey is our little secret. Stay tuned!
How much Team Dog food should I feed my dog?

It is essential to remember that Team Dog is more nutrient-dense than the average commercial brand. Not only is there more energy packed into every piece of dry food, but the technology used to make the food makes digestion and absorption more efficient. The goal is to see fewer and firmer stools. You may be feeding too much if you notice soft stools or more frequent bowel movements. A little bit goes a long way.

Who formulated Team Dog’s recipes?

A trusted team of canine nutritionists, biologists, and experts in the harvesting of whole animal proteins.

What kind of safety protocols does Team Dog follow?

Team Dog Food, Treats, and Supplements come from facilities with the highest quality and safety protocols. Quality assurance teams enforce temperature controls and sanitation processes. Each facility also performs additional rigorous measures against mold, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens.