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Team Dog Food & Treats
Which Team Dog food recipe is best for my dog?

The Team Dog Meal Planner will answer this question for you. The Essential and Elite diets solve common problems most dogs face today. Now, there is an option to boost health benefits with 25% raw feeding. It is easy to feed raw “rawng”, but our recipe wizard will allow you to have the best of both worlds without the deficiencies.

What’s the difference between the four Team Dog recipes?
  • Team Dog Essential is for every dog. This formula is more nutrient-dense than the average commercial brand, allowing your dog to eat less while you clean up less. The main difference between Essential and Elite is the protein, fat, and calorie content. Team Dog recommends switching to Elite if your (adult) dog requires more than 4 cups of Essential blend per day.
  • Team Dog Elite is for highly active dogs requiring more than 4 cups of Essential per day. This performance blend will enable your dog to eat even less, redirecting energy and focus to the task, not digestion.
  • Team Dog Primal will enhance your dog’s already balanced diet without breaking the bank or committing to a difficult-to-maintain 100% raw diet. You can add or subtract Team Dog Primal without affecting your dog’s energy level, weight, or overall health.
How much Team Dog food should I feed my dog?

It is essential to remember that Team Dog is more nutrient-dense than the average commercial brand. Not only is there more energy packed into every piece of dry food, but the technology used to make the food makes digestion and absorption more efficient. The goal is to see fewer and firmer stools. You may be feeding too much if you notice soft stools or more frequent bowel movements. A little bit goes a long way.

Who formulated Team Dog’s recipes?

A trusted team of canine nutritionists, biologists, and experts in the harvesting of whole animal proteins.

What kind of safety protocols does Team Dog follow?

Team Dog Food, Treats, and Supplements come from facilities with the highest quality and safety protocols. Quality assurance teams enforce temperature controls and sanitation processes. Each facility also performs additional rigorous measures against mold, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens.

Why does Team Dog utilize "meal proteins" instead of "whole meats"?

The word “meal” is often misunderstood. We choose meals over fresh meat and by-product meals to ensure that the dietary protein is coming from meat sources, rather than vegetables or grains. Other brands use fresh meat which is comprised mostly of water and after the meat is cooked and water is removed, only fraction of the crude protein remains. Our Team Dog protein meals provide a larger, better, and more consistent source of dietary protein for your pet.

What breeds can be fed Team Dog food?

Our premium dog food is nutrient dense that can be fed to a range of breeds. Anything from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane! We advise you keep an eye on your dogs weight for the first week or two and adjust accordingly.

Are the food or treats grain free?

Our premium dog food is not grain-free, but all of our treats are.

Ingredients 101
Where are Team Dog’s ingredients sourced from?

Team Dog ingredients come from local sources when possible.

Where are Team Dog’s food, treats, and supplements made?
  • Team Dog Dry Food: Canada
  • Team Dog Primal: USA
  • Team Dog Treats, Toppers, and Supplements: USA
Are there added hormones and/or antibiotics in Team Dog’s products?

No hormones or antibiotics are added to any Team Dog products or the meat sources they are harvested from.

Are the ingredients "feed grade" or "food grade"?

Unless the manufacturing facility is approved for making food for human consumption, it is to be considered feed grade regardless of any individual ingredient source.We use pet food grade and feed grade ingredients.There are some ingredients that are human grade in our products but it would be dishonest to label them as such. The FDA and individual states are cracking down on companies that are promoting food grade ingredients as they are misleading their customers.

All pet foods fall into two categories, human grade or feed grade. The legal definition of a human grade pet food is: “Every ingredient and the resulting product are stored, handled, processed, and transported in a manner that is consistent and compliant with regulations for good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for human edible foods as specified in 21 CFR 117.” This means that every ingredient – including every supplement – are human edible…(ie. you could eat the pet food). All pet foods that do not meet the full definition of human grade are feed grade.

What is feed grade pet food?Material that has been determined to be safe, functional and suitable for its intended use in animal food, is handled and labeled appropriately, and conforms to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act unless otherwise expressly permitted by the appropriate state or federal agency.

What does freeze-dried mean?

Freeze dried means that our products contain raw meat that is flash frozen to lock in freshness and then subjected to temperatures below freezing allowing it to be safely stored without refrigeration.

Are the ingredients third-party tested for contaminants?

Testing is in our best interest. Every ingredient of the finished product is checked/tested for proximates, Salmonella, e-coli, clostridium, aflatoxin, vomitoxin, water activity, and gelatinization. Some are done in-house, some are done by a third party. In-house testing is routinely audited and verified by third party testing.

How are the kibbles made?

We use the following heat processing to make kibbles:

  1. Dual Speed conditioner 120 seconds at 90C minimum
  2. Extruder 20 seconds a 90C minimum @ 35 bar pressure
  3. Dryer 18 minutes at 90C -110C

One of the biggest oversimplifications is that the temperatures reduce the amino acid profile or that the vitamins will all be too low. We test the final products for desired vitamin and amino acid levels. We are exactly where we want to be.

RAW 101
What is raw dog food?

No hormones or antibiotics are added to any Team Dog products or the meat sources they are harvested from.

What are the benefits of feeding Team Dog’s raw food options?
  • Digestibility – Diets incorporating raw meat are more biochemically complex and contain more bioactive compounds.
  • Hydration – Raw food is approximately 65-75% moisture compared to 10% found in dry food.
  • Gut Health – Gut health is largely impacted by the microbiome, a collection of microorganisms that live in the GI tract. The microbiome involves various important functions specific to metabolism, immunity, and neuro-behavioral development. Studies have shown that dogs fed a raw diet have a more abundant and diverse microbiome.
  • Immune Health – Immune health is key to fighting illness and infection. A 2018 study found that a raw meat-based diet significantly decreased the expression of pro-inflammatory markers.
  • Allergies – A 2021 study of over 4,000 dogs showed that puppyhood exposure to raw animal-based foods may be protective against allergic skin conditions. Of note, this same study also showed that even if the dog eats 80% dry food and a minimum of 20% raw food, it significantly decreases the risk of allergic skin conditions later in life.
  • Energy, Behavior, and Appearance – A 2019 study surveying individuals who feed raw meat-based diets to their dogs found that most reported health improvements, including a shinier coat (79%), muscle gain (53%), and cleaner teeth (42%). Additionally, this research found that 1/5 of respondents saw increased energy, and 35% noted a calmer attitude. Notably, no respondents cited nervousness or aggression.
Do I need to feed my dog 100% raw food?

Team Dog believes in the benefits of a raw diet when supplemented appropriately to achieve balanced nutrition. The Team Dog 75/25 plan will provide noticeable benefits without the need for additional supplementation.

How do I transition my dog to Team Dog’s raw food options?

Since Team Dog promotes a 75/25 approach to raw feeding, you can immediately begin feeding your dog 75% dry food and 25% raw food. Switching to the 75/25 method may result in common and harmless stool changes. The stool is usually odorless, smaller, firmer, and less frequent. It may also be covered in mucus or have a white hue.

How do I safely handle and serve Team Dog’s raw dog food?
  • Team Dog Primal Handling & Sanitary Guidelines:
    One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of illness-causing bacteria is for people to wash their hands! The CDC recommends people wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water. Pet parents should always wash their hands after handling raw pet food, cleaning the prep area, and picking up the pet’s stool.
  • Team Dog Primal Freezing, Thawing, & Refrigerating:
    Freeze raw pet food for longer-term storage until ready for use. Frozen food can be thawed by being placed in the refrigerator, which is the most common and recommended method for pet consumption. The CDC recommends keeping refrigerators below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.5C). Bacteria can grow rapidly in temperatures between 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.5C) and 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60C) if left out for prolonged periods of time.
  • Team Dog Sanitation Guidelines:
    Disinfect the countertops and surfaces that raw food has touched with hot, soapy water or place them in a dishwasher on the sanitize setting. This includes cutting boards, feeding bowls, and utensils such as knives.