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Great Chow

Had our dog on raw diet and due to rising costs and the time to butcher/prep all the various meats we began transition to chow. Tried a few of the "best" brands off the shelf and all resulted in upset tummy for our Giant Schnauzer. Team Dog has been the answer. He is active and strong. Stool is virtually the same as when on raw plan. We'll be sticking with Team from now on.

Best dog food and supplements

Superior performance food!

Love this food

Treats and Food

The two out my three dogs that are on Team Dog seem to like it fine. My old lady has on again off again with her food no matter what the food is. My GSD puppy, 8 months old, has a maybe I'll eat and maybe I won't attitude as well. The topper samples seemed to help with interest. Now that it is hot he is really slowed down on food. The treats are well recieved altho kind of big and long crunchy time for training but still gets used.

Premium dog food

My dog Douglas loves it, especially the salmon flavored his coat is glistening

Primal Raw Beef Dog Food
Gaylene Cranford
Primal raw dog food 1 lb

Good dog food wish it came in 2 lbs but my dogs love it, we use it as a topper


My dogs love the topper on their food. They are energized for the day of outdoor fun.

great luck so far with my dog

Dog loves it

Dogs love this food Great stools and sunny coats

Fantastic Food Great stools and fantastic coats


My Lab loves this food! His coat and energy levels are outstanding.

Has greatly improved my shephard/huskies quality of life. He is 12 now and been on the food and team dog hip treats for over a year and is doing better than when he was 9 or 10. Great company , great product.


Gus likes them use for rewards during training

Always my go to !

Primal Raw Beef Dog Food

Finally a treat he will eat!!

My dog is super picky with food and treats but he loves the beef bites!! will be stocking up on these!!

Primal Raw Beef Dog Food

I started feeding my 10 year old Mal the Primal Raw Beef Dog Food. I am currently portioning 25% of the raw food to his kibble. Orry instantly loved the Primal Raw Beef. His energy is higher, his coat looks better and his stool is more firm. I also like the way the food is packaged. Easy and compact. This is a great choice for my K9. Thank you!

It’s simple to use and very healthy for my dog.

It's the prefect topping.

Our dog loved it. It's the prefect compliment to add to his regular food. We are ordering more.

Like the quality. This is a very healthy, clean dog food. Like that the company supports our veterans.

New food

Gage really likes the primal dog food. He gobbles it down. So glad for this to come out!!!!


perfect mix for my dobie. gute issues seem to be solved for the first time in 2 yrs. will be ordering again, all my dogs like it and they don't leave anything in the bowl any more Thank You


Since switching to Teamdog food five months ago, Nitro's mealtime joy and health have skyrocketed. He eagerly devours every bite, showcasing his love for this nutritious fare. With boosted energy levels and a shiny coat, it's evident that Teamdog food is fueling Nitro's vitality. Its high-quality ingredients and affordability make it a top choice for pet parents seeking optimal nutrition. Nitro and I couldn't be happier with Teamdog food—it's a pawsitive game-changer!

Zoe loves her new raw food!

After just one 16oz tube I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in loose fur coming off of Zoe and a more silky coat. It took 3 feedings to get her used to her 25% mix of Primal raw food, but now she loves it and actually hops out of joy when I bring out the container, which she’s never done for any food. 100% recommend to anyone.