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My dogs love these treats

Really like these treats they are good size to get dogs full attention my one older dog has some trouble when she over does it an I think these treats are helping her thanks Mike for a lot of great products

Excellent product

Dogs love and I feel good knowing it’s good for them!

Worth every penny

My hat is badass! It’s comfortable, durable, and it looks nice. It’s definitely worth getting .

Great Product

After trying multiple times to switch our dog’s food, we found a winner. Our dog completely stopped eating his current food and anytime we tried to gradually switch to a new food, he became incredibly ill. This was the only food we were able to successfully switch to that 1.) he would actually eat, and 2.) did not make him sick at all. Definitely recommend for picky eaters with sensitive stomachs. Great quality and customer service.

Outstanding quality food

Just tried Team Dog Premium. Quality food which my dog loves. Great natural ingredients he loves the flavor and can’t wait each night for his dinner

Good, but…

More than 3 treats would be appreciated

Dog food

So far the feed is good but i have also found a feed that as far I can tell is exactly the same and considerably cheaper prce

Loving this food!

My Goldendoodle loves this food!!!

Love it.

Definitely five stars. Our almost-3-year-old Lab mix loves it and always looks forward to meal time. She started looking leaner/stronger about a month into switching to the food. Once in awhile, she would throw up small amounts of bile in the morning - the vet said this could possibly be from having an empty stomach for an extended period. Thankfully, this has not happened once since switching to Team Dog. She is an absolute high-energy girl with no off-switch when it comes to playing with other dogs, playing fetch, and running around at the cabin or swimming in the lake. I knew that I wanted to find a premium quality food that would support her lifestyle and health for years to come - and we are very happy with the results thus far. We have already told friends and coworkers about it and we’re very happy we made the switch!

Dog loves it!

My 115 lb mal/dutch cross loves the food! Mike was out of the duck blend and the team got ahold of me right away to send me a different one. Even the herring blend my dog loves it! Waiting to see if it improves his coat in the long run as my dog battles allergies and a trainer recommended I switch over to this food to see what’s up! Great food and great people!

Elite Blend Premium Dog Food
Keith Pendergast 3Unit K9
Perfect stools... too much information?

Put simply, my dog -- the world's finickiest K9 eater -- was on a high-end kibble that he enjoyed, but which produced soft stools with no form... not diarrhea, but consistently soft and formless. So, we switched to Team Dog (which was seamless), and while my dog is extremely picky regarding his food and treats, he took to Mike's food from the start. To be fair, I do use a small amount of topper and/or 1/2 raw egg on his food, but that wouldn't matter to my dog if he didn't like Mike's kibble, which he does. The best part is that within two meals -- one day -- my dog's stools were perfect. Literally within 24 hours, Mike's food produced flawless stools, and continues to do so every day. We've been eating Team Dog for about 3 months now, and we couldn't be happier with the results. TMI on the bowel movements? Sorry, but dog people everywhere will certainly understand my happiness.

Hip & Joint Care Soft Chews, 120 ct

Team Dog Decal - Black
Jacky robinson

Team Dog Decal - Black

My dogs love them and it seems to help with dry itchy skin one of my dogs has.


My dogs absolutely love this brand of food and can’t get enough of it. My dogs have really sensitive stomachs and this food has not aggravated their stomach and instead has improved their digestion. I highly recommend Team Dog to any dog owner and my dogs will only eat Team Dog food moving forward.

My dogs best life

With all of team dog’s products we use, I can see the difference in the quality of their health, performance, and overall wellbeing. Thanks for the great service Team Dog and keep up the great work. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great food for hard keeper

This is the first food my hard keeper eats pretty consistently. And gives no GI issues to his sensitive stomach. He is finally putting on weight with this food!

Thank you

Received your ball cap in the mail, and I appreciate what you’ve done for this country as an ex veteran working in spec warfare myself. 86 through 93. Spec warfare group one mobile insure undersea warfare unit 101

Best decision for my dog

I have a Rottweiler/ pit bull mix. He has very sensitive skin, is extremely active and has required a seafood centric food. Team Dog salmon and herring is exactly what he needed. His coat, demeanor and habits have greatly improved on this food! I won’t feed him anything else. The turkey bites are the greatest treat! I have used them in training and he loves them! Thank you!

Loved the title. It was a definite draw

I haven’t had chance to read it yet and have decided to give the book to my granddaughter for her birthday because it is signed by both the author and the dog. I will order another copy for myself

The Best for my dog team

Nothing but Great results for the Team Dog food line. I have fed other brands in the past (some being big name brands) only to have my dogs use the restroom frequently with loose stools and poor skin/ coat quality. Their muscle tone has also been noticeable. After being on the Team Dog food for a few months, I have seen a complete 180 in my bowels and skin/coat. We feed Elite Salmon and herring for our adult working dogs and Essential Salmon and herring for our young dogs. High quality food with high quality results.

Team Dog Men’s T-shirt - Blue

Stubborn golden won’t eat store bought

My golden retriever just stopped eating any store bought dog food so we switched to Team Dog chicken and sweet potato blend and she loves it.

My dog really loves the Joint treats. Plus at 12 years old he moves better. Great company

Team Dog

Great job guys. I would love to see a good quality beef product with an option choice from your other products.


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