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Beef Bites Review

I've been purchasing beef bites since I initiated Mike's training program. Great reward tool during initial training and continuing education throughout my dog's life.

My dog absolutely loves this product. I will only feed my dog Team Dog products. AMAZING

Sandro and Logo love this stuff

(only Logo is eating it) Logo says, "The food is fan-damn-tastic !!!” On a different diet for a while and gained some weight but losing it now and still energetic and happy.

Finally a brand that understands dog gut!! Our poor puppy had been suffering for years. We never realized that it was chicken. We have been searching all the name brands, but they have other things in them that hurt our poor dog. He is finally on the road to gut recovery! Thanks guys!

Great product

My dog loves this topper. One scoop goes a long way

Another excellent item. My GSD loves this on his food!

Dogs love it!

Started Team Dog food for 2 dogs about 1 month ago. Dogs really enjoy it and I feel good that I’m giving them quality food not full of mystery ingredients. Will purchase again soon.
Thanks again, I am pleased this product is available.

I switched from another dog food not sure if my dog would like it and she loves it.

This product works great and my dog loves it

Amazing food and very low odor for fish dog food. My dog Buster loves All Team Dog products

The Big Switch

I switched my 8 y/o Czech GSD to Essential Blend from Orijen/Acana. Even though he is still training and extremely active he was getting too much protein from Orijen/Acana. We went on the hunt to find a top quality food for him with a Crude Protein percentage of under 30%.
We determined that Essential Blend was probably the route to go. We eased him into the EB and I think the only thing he is not on board with is the size of the kibble. He likes to bite and crunch his food and he hasn't quite mastered the smaller kibble in his mouth. Outside of that he is doing great on Essential Blend. We will be doing another blood test to confirm we're on the right tract.
Thank you!

Our pups love it

It’s great to have a topper to give them extra protein and nutrients. We can always count on team dog for quality products.

Omega 3 Skin and Coat.

Bitchin stuff I just wish there was a more affordable shipping option.

Great Product

My dog really likes the topper along with your dog food. Makes a total difference on his coat and all around appearance and energy. I recommend your products to everyone I talk to with a dog

Great dog food, been using it for the last 2 years.

Best dog food ever! My dogs coat is so shiny now he looks wet! Also you can tell the quality of the food because of how dark and fresh the food nuggets look when you open the bag. I do wish that they vacuumed sealed the 33lb bags better though. The small bags are vacuum sealed great but the bigger bags are not.

Best dog food ever

Amazing results!

We have 6 dogs and they are all team dogs. Major difference in muscle mass and their coats. The black Dobermans coat looks slick and shiny now.

Elite High Protein

Our Lab is a high energy dog competing in hunt tests, field trials and the run and gun games. Elite Blend Premium Dog Food is what we feed to keep our boy in the best possible shape.

Great tshirts

The shirts were on sale for 15$ bought 3 and love them they were a steal!!


My baby Golden just turned 1 and every time he is feed 3 times a day ,his energy levels are maxed...and he is strong as a horse... 👍👍👍🇺🇸

Elite Blend Premium Dog Food Pearson
Great dog , wish for a bigger bag

Dog food is great . My dogs loves it but 33lbs is not enough he 10 month presa canario weighing over 100 lbs already. Wish for a bigger bag great stuff

Hip & Joint care

Had been using Dasaquin for years and it just wasn't helping anymore. I thought what the **** I'll give Mike's stuff a try. In only a few days both dogs with hip dysplasia ! Are Squirrel chasing, ball chasing wearing my **** out ! I've been wondering if he's putting Deca or Test in it 🤔 and what would happen if I started taking it 🤔 I hate giving reviews, especially ones like this in case it doesn't work like this for others is why. Please don't change the Damn recipe unless you actually do start adding Test & Deca. And please keep the current prices like they are 👍🤙

My dog loved the food at first, went through about 70-100lbs worth and then she decided she didn’t want to eat it. Not sure if she was being picky or if something changed in production.

My Labrador is a worker and will do almost anything for one of the beef bites dog treats. She absolutely loves them.

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