Innovations in our production facilities guarantee a finer, fresher, nutritionally denser dog food.

  • Milling Process

    Superior ingredients are milled into a powdered substance, creating tightly packed pellets that promote dental health and easy digestion.

    This process reduces bag dust and ensures that more nutrients are absorbed by your pet than excreted.

  • Low & Slow Freeze-Drying

    Raw ingredients of our treats are not cooked; instead, a unique low-and-slow freeze-drying process is employed over 48 hours (compared to the industry standard of 12-24 hours).

    This meticulous process maintains nutrient integrity by keeping the temperature below 90 degrees.

  • Infusion Process

    Team Dog's Essential and Elite formulas are expertly crafted with a unique blend of high-quality oils that are not coated but infused into the recipe.

    This advanced formulation guarantees the absorption of fat-soluble minerals and the deep penetration of essential nutrients, resulting in optimal digestion and a steady stream of energy.

Premium Nutrition. Highest Standards.

Our formulations have been developed and reviewed by independent veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and PhDs specializing in nutrition


Complete, nutrient-dense

We purposefully designed our premium dog food and treats to enhance the quality of dogs' lives.

  • Non-GMO
  • No gluten, corn, wheat, or soy
  • High-quality protein and amino acids from natural sources
  • Healthy fats for skin and coat
  • Balanced vitamins and minerals for longevity and health
  • Anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Probiotics to promote healthy digestion

Emerging research shows that as little as 20% raw food can deliver a variety of health benefits