Here at Trikos we specialize in discovering what type of dog you require. We offer customized personal-protection dogs.

There are no kennels full of dogs here. After the perfect dog is selected, it is integrated into our home, with our family and animals, until all the training is completed. The dog does not leave here until we know positively that it is exactly what you want, and it is ready to integrate into your home. We absolutely have the “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality for our clients. We have several trainers and numerous people that take part in the forging of your protection animal. Trikos dogs are tested and retested in a variety of social and environmental situations.
Each dog is specifically for you or your family so it can support and protect you in the places you need it most – at home, in public, or at your side during travel.

Our price for fully finished private-protection dogs start at $85,000.



Trikos International

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St Petersburg, FL 33732-5817

E-mail: info@trikos.com

young girl playing on the floor with a dog lying next to her
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