Mike's Mission



Mike Ritland loved dogs from an early age.

Mike's resolute dedication to advance canine training & nutrition was forged by the integrity his parents instilled and the strength the SEAL Teams tested. His compassion grew as he cared for over 200+ high-risk retired working dogs; dogs with a propensity to injure their handlers due to copious amounts of stressful work. He provided a sanctuary for their mental, physical, and psychological rehabilitation.

Mike now continues to advance and revolutionize his training methods to provide tomorrow's training methods to a world of families and their dogs through his Team Dog Online Training.

While working with a full spectrum of dogs from your grandfather's labradoodle pulling him to the stop sign, to current and retired special operations dogs, Mike knew training was not enough. Too many dogs were living shorter lives due to improper nutrition that resulted in avoidable health complications. Mike needed a fuel for his dogs to operate and perform within their respective spaces, but to this day, manufacturers have yet to develop a formula to meet Mike’s standards. After 20 years of experience, he began creating products born from the battlefield, not the boardroom.



From his training methods and gear found in the Team Dog Shop, to his Dog Food and Treats, Mike is giving you the tools needed to provide your dog with an active and fulfilling life.

Together, let's be EVERY dog's hero 🐾